21. June 2017 New Two-Ram Baler models

The proven PAAL Two-Ram balers type HTR have now been supplemented by two models and have been substantially revised. Henceforth the new models HTR 525 and HTR 625 are added to the known models HTR 425 and HTR 700.

The HTR 525 is a reinforced version of the HTR 425, which has already been established in the market for many years. This baler has a press tunnel cross section of 800 x 1100 mm too, but a specific pressing force of 176 N/cm². It is available from December 2017. The HTR 625 is the new, leading Two-Ram Baler with enormous specific pressing force. It combines the bale size of 800 x 1100 mm together with the construction elements of the large format HTR 700. This makes the HTR 625 a true "press-monster". The specific pressing force of 220 N/cm² leads to bale densities at hitherto unthinkable values. So high-pressure bales of agricultural feed materials such as straw, alfalfa or hay can be produced in excellent quality. At the same time other sensible options were developed to expand the range, as for example:

    - strapping system mounted on the top of the mobile tunnel

    - motor operated strapping system

    - special baler hopper for alfalfa

    - revised bale transfer system

In recent years the markets for animal feed from hay and straw in the Middle East as well as in China have expanded. The market is increasingly more sensitive to bale quality, bale density and bale length - this requires uniform bales tied with PET plastic strip. Since animal feed is a seasonal business, we were looking for an all-the-year working load, so that with a baler other goods such as straw, alfalfa, etc. can be processed economically. For this purpose PAAL developed the new models with 160 and 200 t pressing force, which ensure maximum bale densities and hence container usage. In May the first HTR 625 B2 baler will be delivered to the FAGAVI-GROUP (Spain).

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