18. December 2017 New METAL BALING PRESS model

Baler with 100 tons pressing force and tunnel cross section 50 x 50 cm


For more than 100 years PAAL has been developing, manufacturing and assembling balers for a wide range of applications. The single-cylinder packing press type S1W with cutting system completes the wide range of PAAL-balers. This fully automatic machine is particularly suitable for pressing tin and aluminium cans into highly compressed packages. These highly efficient balers are characterised by their very stable construction, their performance and their long service lives. This makes the S1W the first choice with the highest standards of reliability and economy.

The baler is particularly characterised by the compaction in a robust, closed press box. As a result the machines produce very heavy, dimensionally stable, packages with the same length. The METAL BALING PRESS bales packages in tunnel cross section 40 x 40 or 50 x 50 cm. A maximum compaction and thus very high package density is ensured by the independence of the cutting and compressing process, the closed press box and the high specific pressing force. The dimensions and weights of the pressed packages also meet steelworks specifications.

The new METAL BALING PRESS type “S1W3-3 C” is positioned between the current models and completes the press range in terms of capacity and bale density. This machine produces bales with a tunnel cross section of 50 x 50 cm and reaches bale densities up to 1300 kg/m3. This model has many advantages, such as the press box with bolted wear plates of high resistant wear steel, baler hopper with secured lateral door and a compact hydraulic unit.


The SIEMENS Touch Panel can be used to produce the bales by one, two or three press strokes depending on the input density and the type of material to be compacted. When more than one pressing stroke is selected the ram makes strokes which stop just short after the cutting edge but on the final stroke, when maximum pressing force is achieved and the material is compacted to a solid bale, the tunnel door is automatically opened and the bale is ejected. The ram then returns to the back position and the door automatically closes. The cycle can then recommence to produce the next bale. 

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