01. March 2018 Kadant PAAL Group with new management

On 1st January 2018 Franzotto Hornung retired from his job as Managing Director of PAAL GmbH and as CEO of the Kadant PAAL Group. He led the company for over 12 years and contributed significantly to its development during this period. In the future he will still be available as a member of the advisory board of the Group.

Craig Heley -  previously   Group CFO   and   Managing Director of DICOM -  will succeed Franzotto Hornung as CEO of the Kadant PAAL Group. The experience and expertise gained during Craig Heley’s 15 years with the Group will help the PAAL Group of companies to grow and expand by building upon the strong foundations that have been put in place. At PAAL Craig Heley will rely on the 3 senior PAAL GmbH executives: Hubert Stricker (Sales & Service), Ralph Ober (Finance & Administration) and Ralf Janotta (Production & Product Support).


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