21. August 2018 The new KONTI i – the high-performance baler

User friendliness in focus


The most well-known and successful fully automatic channel baler in Europe - the KONTI from PAAL - has been on the market for over 40 years. This enormous experience and consistent further development have now given rise to the latest incarnation - the KONTI i-series.

Combining the product ranges KONTI and LIKON into a single KONTI i-series – with vertical, horizontal or crosswise tying system - is intended to help the customers to better understand the very large product range from PAAL. The name of the premium brand was modified as follows:


  - KONTI with vertical tying system:      KONTI V xxx i (xxx for size - such as 275)

  - KONTI with horizontal tying system:  KONTI H xxx i (in the past LIKON)

  - KONTI with crosswise tying:               KONTI X xxx i



The key aspect in the development of the new KONTI series was on user friendliness:



The self-explanatory, app-oriented operator interface makes the handling clear and simple.

A multifunctional signal lamp is fitted to control cabinet for visualization of different operating    condition (automatic mode, general warning, fault indication, etc.). The optimised maintenance platform of vertical tying unit improves the access and a new remote service system RSS (in basic machine) allows remote assistance from the factory.



Maintenance and service

The central, easy reachable lubrication system for channel adjustment bolts facilitate the maintenance as well as the central lubrication point for the wire cutter system facilitated the greasing and reduces the time. The robust, cost-efficient twisters with HARDOX hooks offer easier and quick replacement. Exploded drawings of the spare part list offer a quick and easy spare part identification. New wire guidings with improved wear protection for less service operation.



Further features of the KONTI i:

A wire pushing system for the lower wires for even higher reliability.

Noise level reduction at the ram scraper and the retaining fingers

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