The perfect two-ram baler

The HTR is a fully automatic, high-compression two-ram baler. Our many years of experience in compressing domestic refuse, for example, coupled with future-oriented technical innovation have established the HTR as indispensable on the baler market.

Compressing press material with pressing force of 1200kN or 1950kN in a closed press box yields maximum bale weights. Due to the tying system that is attached separate from the compression process, disturbances because of contamination are avoided.



The compact construction of the hydraulic unit is characterized by the installed, low-noise drives. The automatic on-demand pump circuit and the clearly arranged pipework save unnecessary energy and maintenance costs.
Due to the separate hydraulic circuit of the telescopic tunnel, the system continues the compression process during tying.
The hydraulics blocks, which are flange-mounted on the cylinders, with their large cross-sections result in very low heat and power losses.
Highest-quality modern cylinder design – due to a completely bolted design without welds – eliminates fatigue fractures and metal fatigue at weld seams.


Press hopper

The press hopper of the HTR 275 has a secured plexiglass door.


Pressure Plate

Exact guidance of the pressure plates is ensured by generously sized rollers combined with extremely wide side guides and a central guide system. In addition, this perfect combination guarantees low wear.
The central lubrication point of the rollers and the patented piston rod wedge connection to easily uncouple the pressure plate considerably reduce the time and effort needed for maintenance.


Press Box

You can easily access the very robust press chamber through particularly large doors on both sides, which makes it easy to carry out maintenance work in the chamber.
The completely closed press box is fitted with bolted highly wear-resistant steel floor plates. In addition, you can panel the side walls and the top cover plate with appropriate, replaceable steel plates.


Cutting System

The counter blade with its very large cutting angle reduces the cutting forces and makes the system operate on a low-wear and low-maintenance basis.

HTR bale presses can be fitted with an automatic stamper that frees the cutting edge from foreign matter that result in unsorted domestic refuse or industrial waste, for example. This considerably increases the machine's availability.


Press Channel

A separate telescope tunnel makes it possible to carry out compression and tying at the same time, which increases the press's throughput rate.
Operating safety is enhanced by avoiding disturbances in the tying system because of disturbances due to contamination in the tying system. The telescope tunnel allows bales to stretch slightly before tying, which reduces the expansion forces.
This means that with their very high production capacity, HTR high-performance balers can produce more compact bales than any other machines on the market.



Using favourably priced PET tying material yields very low operating costs compared to other tying materials. Compressing and tying at the same time makes the HTR more economical to run meaning that it is virtually unbeatable on the two-ram baler market.
Bales with plastic straps are ideal for thermal recycling, since the binding material is completely incinerated.



The control cabinet is set up remote from the baling press to keep possible oscillations or vibrations away from the press.
The electronic press controller is equipped with a very clear, user-friendly 10'' touch panel for formula management and display of a comprehensive range of functions and data.

The mechanical key safety system, which complies with the current Machine Directive, ensures very high levels of safety diagnostics.

The open cable routing on PAAL channel bale presses is to avoid damage due to rodents.

As an option, we can supply a connection between the baler and the company via LAN interface to represent the data in an Excel worksheet.