The iconic model of the Kadant PAAL channel baling presses

The globally known KONTI baler is developed in detail regularly after a few years. So the J-series is on the market now.

The new KONTI J-series was designed with the focus on traditional core features - robustness and reliability combinated with technology state-of-the-art.The consequent implementation led to much bigger, stronger and heavier baling press range with many clever new features. These technical advancementes are presented here under the motto "Where Tradition Meets Technology".

This press has been developed for continuous operation under the most demanding conditions.


Press hopper

The press hoppers of all the KONTI models can be chosen with a retractable perforator for perforating plastic bottles, which improves bale compression.

An optional ruffler loosens up compact types and makes it possible to produce high-quality bales.


Press Plate

The robust pressure plates have been optimized thus ease of service and life time has been improved. As usual the lower pressure plate is guided by very generously sized rollers. The new upper guide on the KONTI J is made of heavy-duty, low-maintenance sliding guide. It is manufactured of special steel and were already been established on other PAAL models.

Now the pressure plate extension and also the slide suspension are structurally reinforced, so that the process runs smoothly even under extremely demanding operating conditions.


Press Box

The robust press chamber, which is easily accessible by particularly large doors on both sides, has been extended by an additional cleaning flap. This opening is positioned in the rear press chamber area and makes cleaning eaily and improved accessibility.

A new electrostatic painting technology with a controlled 2-component mixing machine ensures high-quality corrosion protection of the machine parts.


Press Channel

The design, the adjustment and the suspension of the much longer press channel were carried out by using very heavy, robust steel plates and profiles. Furthermore the adjustment cylinder was enlarged accordingly. This system processes different material types into highly compressed bales.

At the channel adjustment were attached easily accessible lubrication points.



The 1000 times proven tying system of the KONTI has been improved in couple of details. It was incresed the life time and the ease of maintaince at the J-series. The gunmetal version of the needle guide bushings and the steel version of all wire guide rollers (with bearings) lead to a longer service life. The robust drill units made of highly wear-resistant steel were already introduced in the i-series. Now each individual drill unit is bolted in as a cassette, so that maintenance personnel can easily remove it. The easy-to-reach central lubrication point on the wire cutter was already introduced in the previous model.
The vertical tying was already accessible optimally via a three-sided platform in previous models. Now the horizontal tying got an improved guide system for the very large sliding protection hood.



The electronic control of the KONTI J is based on that of the previous models. The used brands are exclusively standard products and high quality components from well-known manufacturers such as SIEMENS, EATON, SCHNEIDER, ABB, SEW, RITTAL ...
The control has been developed further in detail. The much larger control panel is much clearer and more user-friendly.
A large number of modifications to the panel visualisation make the operator considerably easier - some examples:
- maintenance display - the maintenance status of the respective maintenance appears on the start page
- drill function - with a step-by-step visualisation
- bale table - missing bales can also be entered
- ...