The first-class baler

The fully automatic S1W baler is particularly suitable for pressing tin and aluminium cans into highly compressed packages.
These highly efficient balers are characterized by their very stable construction, their performance and their long service lives.
The closed, robust press box and the high pressing forces of 650 or 1200kN ensure maximum compression up to 1300 respectively up to 1600kg/m³. The pressing process is carried out against the automatic press chamber door.
The dimensions and weights of the pressed packages also meet steelworks specifications.



The compact construction of the hydraulic unit with low-noise drives and the automatic on-demand pump circuit save unnecessary energy and maintenance costs.

Highest-quality modern cylinder design – due to a completely bolted design without welds – eliminates fatigue fractures and metal fatigue at weld seams.


Press hopper

The press hopper has a secured plexiglass door.


Pressure Plate

The robust pressure plate is guided by a replaceable guide plate on the base of the press box. Apart from this, replaceable guide rails on the press box guide the pressure plate guide exactly.


Press Box

The press box of the S1W is of very robust design. In addition, the base and side walls of the press box are panelled with highly wear-resistant bolted special steel.
The press materials are compressed in a closed press chamber.


Cutting System

The hopper and the press box are separated by a robust V-shaped cutting edge.


Press Channel

A cleaning program guarantees disturbance-free operation of the press box door if there is material residue left in the door area.



The control cabinet is set up separately to keep possible oscillations or vibrations away from the press.
The PLC, which you easily operate using the clear 7‘‘ touch panel, allows fully automatic operation.

The open cable routing on PAAL presses is to avoid damage due to rodents.
The mechanical key safety system, which harmonizes with the current Machine Directive, ensures very high levels of safety.